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Why us

My son says its so wonderful I can have a normal conversation with my Dad again

Matau, Palmerston North

I am rapt, right from the start my new aids have been great, I can’t believe the difference Back at work today the background noise is no problem and working outside is fine , any wind noise disturbance is minimal

John, Hawkes Bay

When I come to Sally’s I feel comfortable and know there is no hard sell and my concerns are treated in a proper professional manner

Jennifer, Palmerston North

I can’t believe the difference between my old hearing aids and the new, the TV is down 15 steps

Henry, Levin

Before I got my new hearing aid I could never tell what direction sounds were coming from and if people talked on my bad side it was impossible to hear. I have now got this new CROS system for people with my sort of hearing problem and I can hear on both sides again. Now when I’m in the car I can hear the passenger

Michael ,Dannevirke

The tinnitus was stopping me sleeping and basically taking over my life I didn’t know what to do. The new masker calmed everything down in only a few days I felt more able to cope . I have now been able to return to my regular hearing aids now my horrible tinnitus is over but I know I can revert to my masker if it is a problem again . I wanted to go to see my daughter overseas and didn’t think that would be possible with the tinnitus now I feel quite confident to go.

Verna, Horowhenua

Palmerston Nth Clinic

P: 06 359 3746 | F: 06 358 1841
E: hear@audiologyclinic.co.nz

476 Church Street
Palmerston North, 4410

Levin Clinic

P: 06 368 2469
E: hear@audiologyclinic.co.nz

538 Queen Street
Levin, 5510

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