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Hearing Aids

Hearing aids and other types of amplification.

With the introduction of digital hearing aids the choice of models is steadily increasing. Hearing aids come in all sorts of styles, colours and strengths; however, they have some basic components:

A microphone to pick up the sound
An amplifier to make the sound louder
A receiver to send the sound into the ear to be heard
A battery or some other power source

Some hearing aids can also come with additional accessories such as remote controls for easy of operation; Bluetooth devices that connect wirelessly to the TV or phone (and other phone); or chargers that work with rechargeable batteries.

There are three types of hearing aids available today:

1. In the ear hearing aids.

These come in various sizes depending on the strength of the hearing aids (more powerful aids require bigger batteries hence the aid is bigger). They fit completely into the ear and there are no extra cords or wire. They can have a volume control if needed or work with a remote control.

in the ear

2. Behind the ear hearing aids

These are the more traditional hearing aids that have the part containing the electronics fitted behind the ear. This connects to an ear mould usually made out of plastic that sits in the ear and sends the sound down the ear canal. These aids are available with or without a volume control and some models can also be operated by remote. There are waterproof models available too.

behind the ear 2

3. Open fitting hearing aids

These are the newest types of hearing aids and are mow the most popular. Like behind the ear models they fit behind the ear but are very small (about half to a third) compared to the regualr behind the ears aids. A tiny thin plastic tube connects to either a plastic dome or a small ear mould to ensure that the sound goes in the ear. Their main adantage over the other types of hearing aids is they dont block the ear and they have a more natural listening experience.

open fiitting

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