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John Marsh a client of Sally White Audiology since 2002 just loves his new hearing aids TV link and remote control. John says

"I have been feeling quite isolated living by myself, I used to worry when my family came to visit that I would misunderstand what they were saying and get things wrong. When I listened to my DVDs the music sounded all wrong and I when I watched TV I had to rely on the captions.

With my new aids, remote control and TV streamer I really feel like I’m part of things again. I visit my wife at the rest home and I can hear everyone there. I can hear the staff ,people talking in the corridor no matter what the background noise is. Once again I feel part of things.

Now when I watch TV, I can actually hear the commentator for the golf and the cricket, for the first time in years I don’t have to use the captions and turn the sound off. I also love hearing music on the DVD or the TV. These are all finally enjoyable again."

“I can turn down the TV and hear sounds like the click of a snooker ball or walking on stones.”

“When I'm walking though the bush I can now hear the wildlife - it's awesome.”

“With my hearing aids I can hear what my wife is saying at the golf course.”

“I've always had to sit at the front at the movies. With my new hearing aids, last week we sat at the back of the movie theatre and I totally relaxed because I could hear everything going on. It was fantastic!”

"The staff were great and I'm really happy with the hearing aids"

Mr Eddie Johns he has been a client of Sally White Audiology for more than 20 years. Eddie says

"When I left the clinic I stopped at the traffic light on the corner of Princess and Church Streets. Much to my amazement I could hear the conversation in the car next to me as both of us had the windows down. This was the first time I had heard talking in another car for years. I can now hear the radio in the car and once again appreciate nice music. Some of the sounds I hear now are so exceptional, I know how paper sounds being scrunched up! Even though the hearing in my ears isn't even I can localise sound once again with my new hearing aids and I can use the phone without effort.

I have a fantail that comes and visits my home, I can actually hear its mwings fluttering and it making little noises when he lands on the mirror in the bathroom. Before I got my new aids I didn't even know he was there until I saw him dart by. The TV is good now too, I hadn't been wearing aids for some time, and I couldn't hear the TV ,I just used to dust it!!, now I can hear again I can turn it on and hear what's happening."

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