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What is tinnitus

Tinnitus is ear noises usually a roaring or ringing sound heard especially when it’s quiet .While tinnitus occurring once in a while is quite normal, constant or annoying tinnitus can become a problem.

What causes tinnitus?

In the scientific literature there are more than a 100 possible causes but the most common cause is hearing loss.

What should I do if my tinnitus is really annoying?

The first thing to do is have a hearing test. Tinnitus usually occurs at the tone (frequency) that is the same tone( frequency)where the hearing loss is worse. The audiologist can also usually test if the tinnitus is likely to be able to be masked by a masking device during the hearing test.

Can my tinnitus be fixed?

While there is no actual ‘cure’ for tinnitus there are a number of things to help disguise it and make the annoyance a whole lot less

If you have a hearing loss then the use of a hearing aid is the most effective measure to make the tinnitus less noticeable

  • Maskers are sound generators that make a pleasant noise that helps keep the tinnitus less noticeable
  • Relaxation therapy can often help make the tinnitus less annoying
  • Avoiding silence is recommended if the tinnitus is bothering you, when other sounds are available its much easier to ignore the tinnitus
  • Make sure your ears aren’t blocked with wax as this can make tinnitus worse

At the clinic we will advise what we think is the best solution for you to try. For most a hearing aid or hearing aid masker combination ( see image below) is by far the best option.


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