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More help: amplified telephones, bluetooth/wireless compatible phones and TV aids, FM Systems

If your new hearing aids alone are unable to help you enough because you have a very severe hearing loss or you need additional help at work or maybe you have another disability like poor eyesight, there are a lot more devices available

1. Amplified phones

There are two kinds of phones available: regular and advanced technology amplified phones. Regular phones have simply volume control options; however, high tech amplified phones provide greater advantages. Some come with a small computer with the ability to be linked to a monitoring system like St Johns or alternatively can remind you to take your medicine and other important matters like smoke alarm detection.

2. Bluetooth/ wireless compatible phones and TV aids

Bluetooth involves passing information wirelessly from one device to another. It is possible to connect most mobile phones to hearing aids via bluetooth. When your phone rings you push a button on a small remote and without picking up your phone you can speak to the person on the phone without interference from background noise.

When the call is finished you press the button again and the hearing aids function as they normally do. Wireless systems also work well with the TV, meaning that even if you walk out of the room you don’t miss your favourite program and you can have it as loud as you like without affecting others in the room.

3. FM systems

These are powerful microphone devices that can be used in conjunction with your hearing aids. They have a small microphone that is about the size of a couple of ball point pens side by side. The powerful microphone system gives a strong directional pickup of sound allowing you to focus in on what you want to hear. They are especially useful in classroom and lecture type situations or places where there is a lot of background noise.

Choosing the best technology for you

Although price is obviously a factor in the decision about what hearing aid you want to purchase you need to consider what each level of hearing aid technology can do.

  • Works well in a one to one situation
  • Works well with the TV and usually phone
  • Can handle small groups reasonably well in quiet situations
  • Not suitable in large group situations
  • Six months free appointments and two year warranty
  • Works well in small groups and one to one situations
  • Better in background noise than the basic models but still some difficulty in large groups
  • Works well with the TV and phone
  • One year free appointments and two year warranty

  • Has multiple programs for cutting background noise
  • Works well in the car
  • Works well with the TV even when others are talking
  • Usually can hear in large groups only occasionally difficult to hear
  • Works well when outdoors has wind controls
  • Bluetooth compatible and also remote control versions available
  • Two years free appointments and two or three year warranty

  • Can cope with a noisy party and other background noise situations like socialising at a bar
  • Works well with a phone
  • Bluetooth or remote control compatible
  • Can hear the car radio and passenger in the car
  • Can cope in classroom situations
  • Copes well in the wind
  • Three years free appointments and two or three year warranty

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